About us

The Gemeinschaftspraxis für Chirurgie und Orthopädie was founded along with an outpatient surgical facility as a clinic in May 1990 in the Munich district of Laim by Professor Krüger and Dr. Kreuzer.

Right from the start, the aim was to bring together non-surgical and surgical treatments for trauma surgery and orthopaedic conditions in a single practice.

In 1992, Dr. Neumann joined the team. He is a trauma surgeon and consultant in hand surgery and a specialist of nationwide renown in treating diseases of the hand and lower arm as well as the sequelae of injury. His specialist field is the endoscopic treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

In 2005, the team gained a further skilled partner with the joining of Dr. Erhard, a consultant in orthopaedics and specialist orthopaedic surgery. His specialist field comprises arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and knee joints, as well as shoulder, knee and hip joint prosthetics.

Dr. Kreuzer retired in 2011. However, just like Professor Krüger, he remains with the practice as a cooperation partner.

In 2012, Dr. Kponton joined the Praxisklinik München West as a new partner. As a consultant and specialist in surgery, trauma surgery and orthopaedics with many years’ experience, his specialist areas include knee and shoulder surgery, as well as the conservative and surgical treatment of new and badly healed bone fractures.

Our practice concept has focused for more than 20 years now on placing the emphasis squarely on the outpatient treatment of our patients wherever possible. Our objective will always be first and foremost to return patients to their home environments as soon as possible after surgery. This objective, however, is not always achievable for at-risk patients, patients who live alone and in particular for patients who are elderly and require assistance. Thanks to our close cooperation with the Dr. Decker Clinic in Munich-Schwabing, we are able to offer you temporary inpatient care at any time and provide expert care for accidents.
It of course goes without saying that we also carry out the treatment procedures required there ourselves.