Chirotherapy, manual therapy

What is chirotherapy?

Chirotherapy, nowadays referred to as manual therapy, is a type of treatment that involves releasing painful dysfunctions (or blocks) of the musculoskeletal system (joints, spine, sacroiliac joints, etc.) with manual manipulation and thereby relieving pain.

What has changed?
Over the last 10-20 years, the use of chirotherapy has changed considerably. Also previously known as 'bone-breakers', chiropractors have often used brute force to carry out their work. Today, manual practitioners use only "soft techniques" which are much more gentle than they used to be, and also use therapeutic approaches derived from osteopathy.

When is manual medicine indicated?
Chirotherapy / manual medicine can be used as a gentle treatment method for virtually any patient. As with any therapy, it must be preceded by a thorough examination by the practitioner and, depending on the findings, radiological investigations of the part of the body affected may be required first.
Thanks to our licence to offer this mode of treatment, the costs are borne by the statutory health insurance funds.