Day case surgery

Day case surgery – the ideal solution for modern living
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Many operations nowadays no longer require a stay in hospital. Almost all procedures on the surface of the body, the surgical treatment of traumatic tendon and ligament injuries, bone fractures, operations on nerves, joints and vertebral discs can now be carried out by specialists as day case surgeries.

You can depend on the fact that the facilities and medical care provided in specialists practices, hospital clinics and other outpatient environments fully comply with German hospital standards, and offer the added benefit of a private setting.

Excellent safety – as a day case too, of course

The Day Case Unit of The OP-Centrum München offers you the best medical standards there are.
Surgeons can rely on the support of the unit’s specially trained medical personnel and a specialist anaesthetist.
Post-surgical aftercare is not only guaranteed in accordance with strict legal regulations, but the surgeon and the anaesthetist are of course also available right around the clock.
The risk of delayed wound healing or other complications is no higher than in a hospital environment, since day case surgery is carried out under stringent safety conditions.
The health authorities and medical associations oversee our work, while the health insurance organisations also thoroughly check your surgeon's qualifications before approving him or her to carry out day case procedures.

Day case surgery and anaesthetics – all in professional hands

With a day case procedure, you are safe in the knowledge that you are being operated on by an experienced surgeon. Their many years' experience in hospitals and in day case units means that they will have carried out all of the procedures they perform many times over.

Almost everyone agrees, “If I needed another procedure that could be done as a day case, I'd choose that option without hesitation.”

Because you will realise – the evening after your surgery, in the comfort of your own home – that any fears you may have had were unfounded.
Advances in medicine, with the refinement of surgical techniques, now mean that operations that previously could only be performed in hospital can be carried out as day cases. Special, conservative anaesthetics procedures with specially-developed drugs also mean that there is no age limit from an anaesthetics perspective. Many procedures can even be carried out by specialists under only local anaesthetic, such as endoscopic surgery.

Only at-home support, ideally in the family environment, must be in place after your operation - otherwise a (brief) inpatient stay at our facility may be better and safer for you.

The big benefit is that everything is more personalised, and you know who your surgeon and anaesthetist are.

The major advantage of day case surgery lies in the close, trusting relationship with the surgeon of your choice, who will advise you before the operation, explain anything you need to know and then look after you following the procedure.