Variable pulsed signal therapy - PST

Magnetic field therapy is used in the treatment of arthrosis of the knees, hips, hands and spine as well as to supplement postoperative treatment..

This electrophysical therapy with low-frequency and energetic direct currents, which are transported via a modified coil system, causes the ion concentration inside the cell membrane to change. This results in the stimulation of the autonomic nervous system and an improvement in circulation.
This improved circulation indirectly produces a pain-relieving effect and can kick-start the healing processes of the diseased tissue.

In the treatment of arthrosis, the synthesis capability of cartilage cells and thus the mechanical quality of damaged cartilage is improved thanks to PST. The naturally occurring flowing potentials can propagate normally and once again transmit normal signals to the cartilage cells. As scientific studies have shown, this significantly improves symptoms.
However it is not possible for cartilage cells to regenerate or for the volume of cartilage cell to increase.